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Expectations for Remote New Learning

Hello Molly Stark Community,
I wanted to reach out this afternoon to express my support during these trying times. I know that remote learning is a challenge, and I know that this pandemic has everyone stretched thin.
If you are struggling with online learning, please do not hesitate to reach out to the school. We are here to help.
I do want to make sure our attendance policy is clear. It is extremely important that you make daily contact with the school, either by attending Google Classroom, email or phone. Please see the “Expectations for New Learning” section of the Molly Stark website for more information, as well as the below guidelines:
  • Attendance will be recorded by the classroom teacher daily through Infinite Campus. Learners are considered present if they attend the daily morning meeting, complete assignments, or do their Lexia. We are aware that due to scheduling, some learners cannot attend while Google Classroom is in session. Please note all teachers are recording their classes and learners can go in at any time to attend class and do their daily assignment. As long as they attend class each day, they will be considered present.
  • If a learner is unable to attend class due to illness, it is very important that the parent contact the school. You can either call the school at 442-2692, email the teacher or email attendance: Grades K-2 luther@svsu.org and Grades 3-5 smitchell@svsu.org Our phones and email messages are checked daily.
  • If you are unable to connect through Google Classroom, you will need to contact your learner’s classroom teacher either by phone, email, using the Remind App or Class Dojo.
Appreciation & Gratitude,
Principal Bazyk