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Health Information - Healthy Snacks

Healthy Snacks
Parents make a great effort to ensure that their families are eating nutritious food at mealtime but sometimes we underestimate the impact of unhealthy snacks. Snacks make up a big part of your child’s diet and ultimately can affect your child’s health.
According to a study performed by the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, “about one-third of a child’s total daily calories come from pizza, desserts and snacks”. Unfortunately, most snacks marketed at the child sector today are high in additives, fat, salt, and sugar.
Before purchasing a popular snack, you might want to do some investigating. Take care to read the label and check the ingredients. Remember, ingredients are listed in the order of their quantity. If sugar is listed first on the label then most of that snack-food is made up of sugar.
As a general rule, all-natural snacks, such as, fresh fruit and vegetables are always a safe bet.
Another helpful tip is to find snacks or combine non-protein snacks with those that contain a high amount of protein, such as, egg, yogurt, cheese, or a lean cold meat. These snacks are more filling and will help your child to maintain a steady balance of energy throughout the day vs. peaks and lows.
Here are some healthy snack ideas:
• Apple, banana, handful of grapes or some carrot or cucumber sticks with dip
• Dried fruit: apricots, pineapple, raisins
• Cheese stick
• Yogurt
• Nuts or peanut butter and crackers
• Granola bar
• Raisins
• Hard boiled eggs
• Mini veggies pizza made with low fat cheese and a whole wheat English muffin
• Trail mix made with nuts

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(information from the CDC on healthy eating, meal planning, great recipes...)