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Health Information - Handwashing

Hand washing is vital as it is the number one way to prevent infection including COVID-19, the flu, stomach virus, and strep throat.
It is also a very simple procedure but even as adults, we can forget or because we are rushed, might neglect some very important steps, such as, washing for a full 20 seconds or scrubbing under our nails and washing over our wrists.
This is a great time to reinforce this step by step process with your children if you don’t happen to be doing it already. 😊
How to properly wash your hands:
1. Wash hands with liquid soap under warm running water for at least 20 seconds.
Wash hands thoroughly, paying special attention to germs that may be trapped under nails and in crevices (include wrists).
2. Rinse well to remove all traces of soap.
3. Dry hands with paper towels.
4. Use a paper towel to turn off the faucet after washing hands.
When to Wash your hands:
β€’ After coughing or sneezing
β€’ Before touching mucous membranes-inside eyes, nose, or mouth
β€’ Before and after eating or drinking or touching food
β€’ After handling raw meats or eggs
β€’ After touching sores, lacerations or infected areas
β€’ After playing outside
β€’ Before and after touching any animals
β€’ After using the toilet
For more information go to kidshealth.org
(Information from the CDC about hand washing - the science behind it and hand washing as a family activity)