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Health Information - Hydration

The importance of staying hydrated

It is naturally concerning when your child has learning difficulties, acts out, feels ill, or is too tired to even fully participate in physical activity. What could be wrong? How can you help?
Did you know that research shows, something as simple as your child not drinking enough water can cause them to act and feel this way.
In addition, studies demonstrate that when kids are chronically dehydrated, they are at an increased risk for developing the following medical problems: obesity, constipation, urinary tract infections, kidney stones, clotting disorders, high blood sugar, dental problems and, contagious illnesses like the flu.

Children with poor water intake is a nationwide problem. Ideally, they should be drinking at least 6-8 glasses of water per day.
Although, it is not so important the exact amount of water they drink more that they frequently sip water throughout the day.

Ways to make water more enticing for your child:
• Keep drinking cups out and visible at all times
• Keep water refrigerated as it is more palatable when cold
• Splash a little flavor into a glass of water, such as, a lemon, orange, berries, melon, cucumber, or mint
• Add some bubbles with carbonated water
• Make it portable with a water bottle
• Drink water yourself - it sets a good example for your child
For more information go to WebMD and the Mayo clinic
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