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Useful links

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Here are some great websites and a brief description of each.


Center For Disease Control / CDC.gov : Informs the public about disease prevention, infection control, environmental health, occupational saftey and health, health promotion, prevention, and education.


Vermont Department of Health / Healthvermont.gov: The VTDOH provides a public health service in Vermont which includes education regarding public health, policy, and advocacy, preventing disease, prolonging healthy life, and promoting physical and mental health.


Kids Health / kidshealth.org: Learn how the body works, eating a balanced diet, handling feelings, and keeping safe.


Fitness for youth / fitnessforyouth.umich.edu Serves as the premier resource for information about the health and fitness of America's youth.  


Kids Healthy Recipes / kidshealthyrecipes.com: Has numerous tasty and healthy recipes for kids.