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The Health Office


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HEALTH INFORMATION : In this section/page, I provide child-health information to the families of Molly Stark. My intention is to update this section on a weekly basis. Normally the health topics I discuss will be related to the most prevalent illness, in the Molly Stark health office, at the time.  This page may also include information about seasonal medical concerns, such as, allergies, Lyme disease, influenza, frost bite, etc... 
DOCUMENT MANAGER : This page contains Health Forms from our office that can be printed out at home, filled out by you and your child's doctor and then sent into the health office.
note: If your child will not be taking a medication at school (other than non-prescription medications supplied by our office, such as, Children'sTylenol) then the only form you will need to fill out is our Health Questionnaire. This is with the exception of any necessary immunization forms.
The Document Manager page contains the following forms: 
  • Health Questionnaire Form : Requests medical information about your child and gives us permission to administer medications like Children's Tylenol, Ibuprofen and Benedryl. 
  • If your child has a life threatening allergy or health condition, please verbally inform us. 
  • Asthma Action Plan Form (Only if your child has an inhaler)
  • Anaohylaxis/Severe Allergy  Action Plan form (onlly id thou epipen): This form needs o be filled out by both you and your child's doctor.
  • Prescription Medication Form: For any prescription medication that you would like us to administer at school for your child, such as A.D.D. medications or antibiotics. This form needs to be filled out by both you and your child's doctor. 
  • Non Prescription Medication Form : For non prescription medications, other than, those you have already covered by checking off and signing the "whenever necessary", medication section, on the Health Questionairre Form.
  • Immunization Exemption Form: Only to be filled out if for medical, religious, or moral reasons, you do not want your child immunized.
  • Appt set with doctor for immunizations form: Only to be filled out if you are aware that your child does not have all school required immunizations and you have scheduled an appt with your child's doctor to get them done. Have the doctor fill in the scheduled date and this form can be used to keep your child from being excluded from school, if necessary.
  • Student had chicken pox in the past/Varicella Documentation Form: Only to be filled out if your child has had chicken pox in the past. This documentation will exempt your child from Varicella immunization requirement.  
School Health Policies: This section highlights information from the following Southwest Vermont Supervisory Union, School Health Policies that directly relate to the students of Molly Stark.  It includes the Immunization Policy, the Illness and Injury Policy, the Communicable Diseases Policy and the Medication Policy. This page includes the, "Molly Stark Head Lice Policy" as well.
Useful linksThis page refers you to some wonderful websites that discuss childrens' health.

CONTACT US : This page allows you to contact me via email and provides you with my direct- line phone number, as well as, the fax number for Molly Stark.