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Mrs. Reidy

Hi I'm Mrs. Reidy and I'm one of the School Counselors at Molly Stark!  
I'm starting my 10th year at Molly Stark and enjoy being able to encourage learners to problem solve, and build relationships with their teachers, peers, and all whom they come in contact with. 
While we are engaged in our remote and hybrid learning, Mrs. Hunt, the other school counselor and I will work creatively and collaboratively to meet the needs of the Molly Stark community. 
We will be designing lessons for learners that support their social and emotional growth.
We will be joining classrooms during morning meetings and other parts of their day.
We will be available in person and by phone and email for learners and families.
We will have weekly check-in forms for learners to fill out and share anything they would like us to know.  When a learner requests some assistance on these forms, we will respond  by sending an email to the learner's school gmail account.  
Communication is so important! Please reach out with any questions or concerns you may have, or feel free to introduce yourself, or just say hi!
A little bit about me:
I live just across the border in NY state, and enjoy the seasons in this beautiful part of our country.  I love spending time with my husband, our daughter and our extended family!  Some of my favorite things are: being a Mom, campfires, sunsets, soccer, laughing with friends, reading, playing piano, and writing!